Another Beginning

The number 8 in the Bible signifies resurrection and regeneration, its a new beginning. For one whole year I sat back and recked my brain over and over how I was going to make a $100,000 this year, welp I must not have thought it out correctly because I’m still robbing Peter to pay Paul. What I can say is that in the past year I have self taught myself so much about finances, credit, investments, and ways to produce extra income. I’ve learned that their are steps to becoming wealthy and though it has not happened quit yet I do believe that I’m on the right path. In August 2016 I decided to give up my business of 10 years because it was sinking fast. I needed funds to remodel which I wasn’t able to get because my credit was jacked! So one day as I was was scrolling through Instagram I came across a guy who was making post that he could help my credit plus gain me extra income, ok I’m down. So I joined the program and begin to take small steps towards improving my credit. My score at the time was a 490 sad to say. I began to dispute everything! By August of 2017 I had reached a score of 600 and was able to apply for a secured credit card, yippie, I was on my way. Now that I have disputed everything it was time to work on building it up. In case you don’t know building your credit can consist of many different factors, such as making payments on time, keeping your utilization under    30%, debt of credit, and available credit. Can I just say its been a journey. So here we are approaching August 2018 in just a couple of days and I had to take a step back to see what I have accomplished and see what will be my new beginning. I had totally reached a 710 score but ran into a small booboo that caused it to drop down to a 658 but of course I haven’t given up, I’m reaching for that 800 and I will get there. When I arrive I’m planning to invest into some property to continue this road of gaining wealth. In my book August starts off my new year, this is the month where I set my goals. I have seemed to get more accomplish than if I set my goals at the beginning of the year. By this time next year I plan to be closing a deal on 6-8 unit piece of property. Slowly but surly I plan to gain enough wealth, to live free and to leave behind a legacy to my twin girls Zuri and Zoey. Don’t wait to January to set your goals, start now. August is a great month to start new beginnings. I.m here to help in anyway possible. I can share plenty of references to help get you on your way to financial freedom!!

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